Lobby Art et Loi

Project: Design for an entrance lobby
Location: Brussels
Client: Private
Surface: 65 m2)
Phase: Built 2015

Transformation of an entrance lobby in a 70ies office building.
Low budget. Only small changes required. A new entrance has to be created that is more than just a transit zone. The most eye-catching element on site are the avenue trees along the inner ring (so called Brussels Pentagon) opposite the entrance which are particularly well maintained precisely in front of the house.
It is these very trees that inspired the design. Building on Mondrian's artistical transformation over many years of a tree's image from the impressionist to the abstract cubistic style, the last Mondrian image is transformed into the third dimension and contrasts the avenue trees as the prototype: The lobby is furnished with few cubic wooden objects that satisfy essential functions aimed at improving the use of the lobby. They spread freely in the space - laying, hanging, standing.
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