Berlin-Pavilion, World Fair 2000

Project: Temporary pavilion
Location: Hanover - world fair area
Client: Senate of Berlin
Surface: 45 m2
Phase: Built 2000

During the world fair Expo 2000 in Hanover each of the sixteen German federal states presented itself in the German pavilion. Likewise did Berlin as a state.
The theme set oneself for the Berlin-pavilion was "In praise of the void": The portrayal of Berlin in its urban shape after the fall of the wall as an atmospheric urban space, where voids and fire walls within the city as an imaginative projection surface still allowed to consider all possible options for future architectural and urban drafts. Eight photographs of perceived characteristic situations within the cityscape were printed on a to a cube tauted white fabric (5 x 9 x 3 m), with the result that the void within the photograph merged with the void of the white cube. Only the fire walls and slightly to be seen protagonists of the cityscape circumscribe within the perception the schematic and dimensionless room.

In cooperation with Nikolaus Knebel, Alexander Moers und Stefan Rethfeld; and Frank Hülsbömer (photographs).