House BD

Project: Mansion
Location: Potsdam
Client: Private
Surface: 150 m2
Phase: Design, completion 2014

New building in solid wood construction.The basic living area floats as a slab over an open terrace. Thereby the three storeys high vertical block containing the garage and the staircase pierces through the horizontal apartment block and bears, together with an additional support wall, this wide cantilevering storey. The mere wood construction forms at the same time all surfaces of ceilings, walls and floors.
The windows of the facades repeat with their slot-like manifestation the construction of the piled wood, whereby the outside world is only perceived vaguely. Additionally big sky lights illuminate mainly the single living areas, as there are parlour, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, plus the staircase.
These rooms, only defined by three walls, merge fluently. The walls, which are required static elements for the wide cantilevering, serve as furniture elements for racks, wardrobes and closets. The terrace with swimmingpool opens up to the surrounding nature on all sides.
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